Biomolekule allows the marketing companies to describe the trade marks on their product labels, leaflets, catalogs and website marketing materials. Customer wishes to market a product or products containing Biomolekule branded dietary ingredient, may have specific contract to use so, provided Biomolekule will monitor the use of ingredient in the formulation on regular basis.

  • 1 Biomolekule allows the customer to use respective trade marks, by which customer shall follow the Brand Usage Guidelines and Biomolekule Quality Usage Guidelines. Customer must obtain from Biomolekule prior written approval for all labels, packaging, print & internet use displaying the marks. Biomolekule will review such customer materials solely for verifying correct usage of the marks.
  • 2 Since labels, marketing, advertising materials are printed well in advance of use, Biomolekule agrees to give customer 180 days notice of all changes to the usage of the marks and to required label and advertising statements.
  • 3 All rights, title and Interest in and to mark shall remain the exclusive property of Biomolekule. Customer shall have no ownership rights to the marks. Customer agrees that all trademark rights that may arise from its use of the mark will insure to the benefit of Biomolekule.
  • 4 Whenever the logo is used, the following must appear somewhere on the package, printed matter or website page: For example "Veggiemin is a registered trademark of Biomolekule group company."


Biomolekule is looking to apppoint channel partners in unrepresented countries, having vast experience in trading of pharma or nutra ingredients. Intrested companies can fill form below

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